Tree Plus Template

Tree Plus  for Clarion 5-10... ABC/Legacy. Template where beauty of Relation Tree and flexibility of Browse templates come together. 

Just move mouse over the right image and you will see what we are talking about! The demo is here.

If you have tried to use the Clarion Relation Tree Template once, you know how hard it is to employ
it in comparison with the Browse Template. You are restricted to use only one key. You have to use 
filtering instead of range limiting.  You cannot use reset fields.
The Tree Plus Template eliminates all these problems. We have added a Conditional Behaviour
tab to the standard Relation Tree Template with all functionality associated with it.
You will not find any boring manuals whatsoever. We've borrowed the Browse Conditional Behaviour
interface for this purpose, so no learning is needed. If you know how to use the Clarion Relation Tree
and File Browse Box - you'll know how to use our Tree Plus template.
It's main characteristics:
  • It does not make any changes to either Clarion native
    or 3rd party templates. It's taboo!
  • The only thing you'll need to do is to copy the template into the Template
    directory and register it. 
  • After this you can use it just like a normal Relation Tree Template
  • It allows you to use Conditional Behaviour similar to the Browse template
  • Compatible with Clarion 5-10... ABC/Legacy
Run the installation wizard. It will guide you through a few simple steps. That is it.
IMPORTANT: If you are using Clarion 5-6, after selecting Clarion5-Clarion6 directory wizard
will offer you to install it into C:\Clarion5(6)\Clarion8 or C:\C55\Clarion8 directory respectively. 
So don't forget to remove the last \Clarion8. But even if you do forget - no problem.
Just uninstall the template and re-run the installation.
To start using template you'll need to manually register it.
If you do not know how to do this - VIEW ANIMATED HELP
IMPORTANT: This help was developed with another product of ours - Online
Animated Help Builder. To run it you need a JAVA enabled browser. Both MS Internet 
Explorer and Netscape Navigator support JAVA, but in earlier versions of IE and in 
the 6th version of NS you'll need to explicitly say during installation that you need MS virtual 
machine or Java support. If you have it installed without this support 
it does not hurt to run the installation again and install the required components. 
This will allow you not only to watch our help,  but will also enable you to discover the 
amazing world of Java on the Net. So you'll be
able to see millions of wonderful effects instead of just ugly rectangles. 
Try it and you won't be disappointed...
In case you couldn't get your browser Java enabled, or you just don't
want to bother, here is the verbal instruction: Open Clarion (no application must be open). 
Go to menu Tools (Setup) -> (Edit) Template Registry -> Register. 
Select new templates treplabc.tpl and  treplleg.tpl and then hit Open button
You can find it in Clarion7(8,9,10...)\accessory\template\win
for Clarion >= 7 and in Clarion*\Template - for all others.
Using Template
The Tree Plus Template is just an enhancement to the standard Clarion Relation Tree which 
extends its functionality and adds conditional behaviour absolutely identical 
to that of the Standard File Browse Box Template. We've even borrowed the Browse 
Conditional Behaviour interface for purpose, so no learning is needed. If you know 
how to use Clarion Relation Tree and File Browse Box - you know how to use our
Tree Plus template.
To get started, just open a window and POPULATE IT WITH TREEPLUS Template
We've installed an example into your Clarion*\ Examples\TreePlus 
Or C:\Program Files\SoftVelocity\Clarion7(8,9,10...)\Lessons\TreePlus in Clarion 7-10....
directory so for some basic settings you can investigate the source.

Copyright (C) 2015 Vivid Help Systems Pty Ltd